TI-89 responsive fork of JavaScript TI-68k (89, 92+, V200, 89T) graphing calculator emulator

Open-source PedroM instead of the official TI system software is used in this calculator. This fork continues with the GNU License of the origional project. The PedroM source is available at https://tiplanet.org/emu68k_fork/

Credit for JavaScript TI-68k emulator goes to:
Copyright © 2011-2013 Patrick "PatrickD" Davidson (v1-v11) - http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~pad/emu/
Copyright © 2012-2014 Lionel Debroux (v11-v12) - https://tiplanet.org/emu68k_fork/
Copyright © 2012-2013 Xavier "critor" AndrĂ©ani
Copyright © 2012-2013 Adrien "Adriweb" Bertrand
Copyright © 2019 Emmanuel "Acksop" Roy - https://github.com/Acksop

If you have any questions: info@ti89-simulator.com